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Craft Beverages

Skål! (Danish), Kippish! (Finnish), Prost! (German), Cheers! (English)

However you toast, gathering, connection and celebration are made possible by many industries that bring a beverage to your table.



The first era of craft brewing is now history, spanning the launch of juggernauts Sierra Nevada in 1979 to New Belgium in 1991. Along with the fervor for new flavors, aroma and experiences, the practice of home brewing also exploded. Of course, ensuing markets offered participants various means to contribute to the revolution with for example: extract kits; various brewing machines; and appealing Rube Goldberg like systems with suites of components.

Local clubs formed, professional societies sponsored a variety of competitions and a myriad of festivals hosted new start ups and regional offerings. Brewing in many American towns and cities is now a full fledged patch of fabric in the quilt of local culture.


Established enterprise inherently leads to process(s), method(s), and practices. My participation was prompted by colleagues aware of my experience that led to the development of a small scale technique branded as the nano-brewing process under the Fugacity Brewing logo (with co-principal Dr. Nastassja Lewinski). We won 1st place Dark & Malty and Best Seasonal in a BJCP competition and in following years subsequent awards.

Successes spurred on a collegiate offering (Brewing Science, Engineering and Society - ENGR 591) at Virginia Commonwealth University where students learn how to formulate their own whole grain based products. Beginning with the Fugacity Brewing nano-brewing process, students then scale-up production to a half barrel Sabco Brew Magic system. The course is infused with talks from professionals in supporting industries or related sectors.


To help support efforts...MORE TO COME SOON!



500L Copper Pot Still
The first (and a major one) project is to specify and install a 500L pot still in Virginia Commonwealth University's Chemical and Life Science Engineering Department. The 'plant' contains 14 copper bubble cap trays (two 7 tray sections) with a partial, total condenser and is expandable for use with an additional (traditional Bain-marie) pot.

8 Gallon Pilot System
As an awardee of a grant, resources will support the further build out of a 'Craft & Innovation' space. A manual pilot spirits plant will be central to collaboration and research in craft beverage industries.

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